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Coco Peat Blocks

Coco Peat Blocks


We are one of the largest Manufacturers & exporters of Coco Peat from India.

We have built up our own manufacturing network in India and we are in a position to source and fulfil customer requirements. We pay strict attention to Quality Standards, On-time Delivery and Service.

Agro Green Exports offers you the best Coco peat 5Kg blocks in all shapes and sizes according to the customer preferences. Apart from many manufacturers who get outsource in buying the raw Materials, We our self Produce Coir dust from our own manufacturing concern.

 This make us to assure the best quality of producing 5Kg coir blocks and we score the name of best manufacturing company in quantity level also. 

Specification For Coco Peat 5kg Blocks

Block dimension (±2 cm) 30 x 30 x 10 cm
Unit Weight (± 3%) 5 Kgs
Moisture 10-15 %
Compression Ratio 5:1
Dehydrated yield (Litters) 15 liters.
Packing Palletized- stretch wrapped & strapped / Non-palletized bare block loading on container floor.

Process of coco peat 5kg Blocks
Raw Materials: We collect the raw materials from our own fibre unit which is stored in proper age wise and segregated in large drying yards. We take special care in eliminating the minute particles.
Washing A Clean distilled water is used to wash the raw material to reduce the EC level and it is scrutinized by us to make sure the quality of the product is double checked.
Sieving We have a separate screening machine for removing sand, fibre and minute particles
Compacting Finally we achieve 5 kg Blocks and 650 gram briquettes. The product is frequently checked for buyer packing expectation. 

Quality Assurance:

Our quality management department is facilitated with the latest testing equipment requisite to make sure that the products are defect free and well suited for varied applications. 

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